Senior full-stack web developer

As well as a agile IT architect ready to help you supercharge your business




Hailing from Finland, I'm a millennial digital nomad and a seasoned IT professional with a strong entrepreneurial background. I have an inclination towards fintech and my passion for technology started with a Commodore 64 in the late 1980s.


Master of Business
Administration (MBA)
in Business Development,


OOP & design patterns
Back- & frontend frameworks
Microservice architecture
Platform engineering


Disruptive Strategies
Eclectic Management
Corporate Finance


I'm eligible for on-site work
anywhere inside the EU,
but can also deliver projects
remotely anywhere you need!

What I do

I solve highly complex tech and business problems using modern full-stack development, IT architecture design, analytical thinking, disruptive strategies and facilitative workflows.

I work especially with serial & parallel entrepreneurs, helping startups to bootstrap, automate and in general to excel in their international business ventures. I also spearhead skunkworks projects using intrapreneurial methods, so why not contact me right away?

Let me buy you lunch

Want to meet me in person to discuss prospects? Let's meet up for lunch! Drop me a line describing your needs or offerings along with a date and time when you'd like to meet and we'll set it up. Coffee is fine too, if you're not hungry, or we could simply have a video call over Signal.


One-time offer for the first meeting. I reserve the right to respectfully decline if I can tell right away I'm unable to deliver value to a project. I'm somewhat selective when it comes to potential projects and clients but I'd love to hear you out!


I work primarily with JAMStack and PostgreSQL-backed Python/FastAPI on serverless Linux clouds.

I've also got comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of CSS3, HTML5 and Git.
Read more about the tech stack I typically work with.

I have extensive experience with Salt, Docker, Nginx, uWSGI, Kannel, Dovecot and Exim, but these have to some extent been superseded by serverless technologies and mobile apps and thus I don't work with them as often as I used to anymore.

I've also worked on large-scale PHP/Zend, Perl and MariaDB/MySQL projects, but not in the recent years. My management style is eclectic, but I'm a manager of things, not people.

Get in touch

Please write to me in English, Swedish or Finnish. I do my best to understand Estonian and Spanish also, but in that case I'll most likely answer you in English.

Please note that this form is not suitable for urgent support requests. If your matter is urgent, please do not contact me directly but the company that you're a client with.

Your details will be kept strictly confidential.
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Other methods of contact

You can also e-mail me directly at:

You can grab my PGP/GPG public key here.

Due to a large volume of calls, sadly I cannot give out my phone number here. However, please let me know your Signal number or username and I'll give you a call back if you so desire. Alternatively, leave a voicemail with the fine people at Noviaria Ltd.