DIY half-height 19" rack

Updated: September 10th, 2011Published: March 10th, 2003
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This was my attempt to solve the problem of having as much hardware as possible in as little space as possible. Since the advent of low-cost VPS providers such as DigitalOcean, the rack has not been full anymore, but still houses some lab hardware needed at home.

Currently, it's the home of my DSL router, one 8-port switch, one testing environment, one printer and my good old Commodore 64C. The rack is still a real space saver.

"But why?", you might ask. Well, for starters, I like building things. Secondly, 19" racks are really expensive. The total cost of this project is about 40 € (which is about 100 € less than the cheapest 19" racks I could find). It's polished now, so it looks much nicer than in these photos.



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